Detox Your Home
Online advice to make your home bio-safe.


The following list is a helpful start to detoxing your home.


Use bio-based, biodegradable cleaners.


Most household cleaners contain harmful solvents, acids and chemicals that can harm the health of you and your children as well as being harmful to the environment as they are washed into the ecosystem. Not only are we breathing or coming in contact with these chemicals while we are using them but the residual particles as well as any reactive surfactants can continue to affect you and your family long after you have washed away that grime.

Safe Care Clean products are created from 100% bio-based ingredients, and readily biodegradable. Their child safe, fragrance free formulas reduce the exposure risk to children and adults with skin and respiratory sensitivity.


Go organic and wash your fruit and vegetables.


It only takes 26 seconds for a toxin to reach every organ in your body. They can destroy our immune system, cause cancer, exacerbate asthma and lung disease, create learning disabilities and pollute the air and our environment.

Buying organic produce wherever possible will go a long way to reduce the toxins you absorb into your body, and if you cannot obtain organic produce, washing or peeling your fruit and vegetables is the next best option.

Safe Care Clean Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Wash will safely remove pesticides, fertilisers, fungicides, waxes and other harmful and toxic residues from fruit and vegetables easily without damaging the produce.


Avoid pests and dust mites.


Unfortunately the only way to consistently avoid most pests or dust mites is to regularly clean and dust your home. The good news is that once you have established a regular and thorough routine, you will find that you are cleaning less vigorously each time.

Contrary to what our mothers taught us, making the bed every day might only give those mites somewhere warm and dark to hide 24/7. Try neatly folding down your blanket or doonas daily to air bedding, and sun doonas, blankets, and mattresses where possible once every few weeks.

Safe Care Clean's powerful formulas are very economical, yet their potent cleaning action means that you use less, and spend less time cleaning.


Choose to decorate your home with natural, or recycled chemical free materials.


Many home furnishings, paints and finishes contain chemicals (called Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs) that can become airborne at certain temperatures and can contribute to a toxic living environment. Materials such as lead (often found in old pipes and paint), PVC, and even some particle board can have adverse effects to the health and growth of your family.

Where possible, try to choose furnishings made from natural fabrics such as untreated cotton, linen or canvas as well as using recycled building materials such as wood, stone or glass. Also check with your local hardware store to see if they stock low VOC paints or paints and varnishes that are made from natural oils and waxes.



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