Our vision. Your future.

Safe Care Clean offers you the safest household cleaning products without compromising performance or efficiency.


We now have...


  • A choice to use non-toxic chemicals in the home
  • A choice to minimise the risk to children
  • A choice to use renewable resources
  • A choice to reduce our dependency on petrochemicals
  • A choice to protect our environment


We can make a difference!


At Safe Care Clean we consider ourselves a family, in fact a very large family. We are people who are very conscious of what is best for our family, for the world we want to live in and for the world we want our children to inherit. We know that it's not our planet... we're just minding it for our children.


We are innovators using technology that will benefit families and reduce the environmental footprint on our planet and now we are offering you the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the health and well-being of your family, your living environment and our planet.