Safe Care Clean Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes Safe Care Clean products different from other cleaning products?
A. Safe Care Clean does not rely on traditional reagent cleaning chemistries but rather the powerful cleaning action of micelle technology: hyperactive sub-molecular particles that churn up soil and gently lift it from the cleaning surface. This powerful micelle cleaning action causes long chain hydrocarbon soils to virtually repel from the cleaning surface so that soils can be rinsed away with water. More information about our cleaning technology is contained in the chemistry section or please also refer to our Glossary of Terms.

Q. What are the ingredients in Safe Care Clean Products?
A. No (zero) chemicals are used in Safe Care Clean Products. Safe Care Clean products are comprised solely of plant-based, non-toxic, non-reactive, non-carcinogenic materials. They contain alcohols, fatty acids, esters, waxes, saponifiers, chelators, enzymes and other fractions from soy, corn, palm kernel, safflower, sunflower, Canola and cotton seed.

Safe Care Clean products do not contain potentially harmful petroleum distillates, glycol ethers, terpenes, chlorines, ammoniates, aldehydes, silicones, phenolics, synthetics, builders & reagents, caustics metasillicates. Please see the glossary for more information on these chemicals.

Q. Is it safe to use Safe Care Clean products on all types of surfaces?
Our feature product, SC 1000™ aqueous cleaner is tough on dirt but gentle on all types of cleaning surfaces. Please see the product label for more information. Generally, Safe Care Clean® Safety Solvents are non-reactive with cleaning surfaces including elastomerics such as viton, butyl, nylon, acrylics, HDPE/LDPE, styrenes, urethanes, vinyls and most inorganic paints and coatings.

Q. Because Safe Care Clean products are natural does this mean I have to use more?
No. Our powerful micelle technology means even a small amount of your Safe Care Clean product will solubilise the toughest food soils, including fats, greases, oils, lipids, proteins and sugars.

Q. Are Safe Care Clean products suitable for septic and grey water systems?
Safe Care Clean High Performance Surface Cleaner, Power Shine Bathroom Cleaner, Concentrated Laundry Superwash and Grease-Cutting Dishwashing Liquid are suitable for septic and grey water systems.

Q. Are Safe Care Clean products safe to use around children?
A. Safe Care Clean products are non-toxic, non-reactive and non-carcinogenic. They do not contain toxic vapors or harmful bleaches and are safe to use around children and adults. Safe Care Clean High Performance Surface Cleaner is safe to hygienically clean children's toys and play equipment. Outdoor Ultraclean is 100 per cent child safe. Safe Care Clean products are used and recommended by child care centres across Australia.

Q. I have asthma. Can I use Safe Care Clean to clean my house?
Because Safe Care Clean products are non-toxic, non-reactive and non-carcinogenic they are unlikely to pose problems for asthmatics, if used as directed. However it is best to consult a doctor before using any new cleaning product.

Q. Are Safe Care Clean products environmentally friendly?
A. Safe Care Clean
products are very eco-friendly. All our products are readily biodegradable, derived from renewable resources and safe to use, store and dispose of. Most of our products are safe for septic and grey water systems. All packaging is recyclable.

Q. How do I know Safe Care Clean products really work?
A. All Safe Care Clean products are subjected to rigorous testing. Although non toxic, Safe Care Clean ingredients are so effective they're recommended by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for cleaning up man-made disasters like major oil spills. SC-Solv-Ex™, one of the Safe Care Clean® safety solvents, has been certified as a Clean Air Solvent by the California South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD). You might also like to read our customer reviews.

Q. What is the pH level of Safe Care Clean products?
The effect of pH measurement (hydrogen v. hydroxil ions) in the Safe Care Clean® aqueous products is of lesser importance because the products do not rely upon pH for cleaning, but rather on the unique properties of colloidal micelles which are formed almost independently of their solution pH. Salt-based chemistries such as Caustic Soda must rely on higher alkaline reserve numbers to achieve cleaning results. The natural pH of the surfactants, fatty acids and saponifers used by Safe Care Clean® are in the mid-alkalinity range and are not typically changed artificially. The alkaline reserve numbers for the products (measurement of ability to resist change to acid) are typically very low.

Q. Do Safe Care Clean products contain harmful odours?
A. Safe Care Clean
products do not contain Volatile Organic Compunds (VOCs), exposure to which has been associated with eye irritation, nausea, vomiting, headaches and/or impaired memory and other health complications. Safe Care Clean Power Shine Bathroom Cleaner is free from toxic fumes, yet destroys scum and mildew. Safe Care Clean Extra Heavy Duty Oven Cleaner’s powerful formula is non-vaporous and can be used in confined spaces.

Q. Is Safe Care Clean packaging recyclable?
All Safe Care Clean packaging is recyclable. Plus we sell economical refills. Buying our products in bulk will not only save you money, but save on packaging and transportation.

Q. Where can I buy Safe Care Clean products?
A. You can buy Safe Care Clean products direct via our website or through our distributors and affiliates. Please contact us for more information.

Q. How do I become a Safe Care Clean products reseller?
A. We are looking for distributors and affiliates who also believe that cleaning should be safe to use, chemical free and environmentally friendly. We offer a wide range of opportunities including distribution and sales to child care centres, schools and retirement homes, distribution and sales to Olympic pools, pool retailers, resorts and day spas, distribution and sales to restaurants, canteens, cafés and sandwich shops and online affiliate sales. Call us on 1800 461 816 or fill in the form on our website for more information.

Q. Are Safe Care Clean products suitable for people with sensitive skin?
Because Safe Care Clean products are non-toxic, non-reactive and have a mild PH, they are less likely to cause skin irritations than many other cleaners. However, it is best to speak to a doctor before using any new cleaning product.

Q. Will I save money using Safe Care Clean products compared to other cleaners?
A. Safe Care Clean
products are super-potency so you only need to use a tiny amount to get the job done.

Q. Will I get my cleaning done faster using Safe Care Clean products?
A. Safe Care Clean products are super-effective, thanks to our unique cleaning technology, meaning you get the job done fast, with minimal elbow grease. Many of our customers say switching to Safe Care Clean products has significantly shortened their daily cleaning routines.

Q. Can Safe Care Clean products do the vacuuming too?
No, but we’re working on it! In the meantime, try our colour-safe carpet cleaner to remove stubborn stains. It can also be used on curtains, vinyl coverings, and cushions.